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Axiocam 305 monochrome image
Axiocam 305 Monochrome

New For 2019!  Super fast, high dynamic range, increased resolution - your affordable camera for routine fluorescence documentation

Download Axiocam 305m PDF

Axiocam 503 monochrome image
Axiocam 503 Monochrome

The revolutionary new camera from Carl Zeiss for fluorescence imaging as you've never experienced before.     


Download Axiocam 503m PDF


Axiocam 506 monochrome image
Axiocam 506 monochrome

Your high resolution camera for fluorescence imaging - flexible and sensitive.  

Download Axiocam 506m PDF

Axiocam 702 monochrome photo
Axiocam 702 monochrome

Your sCMOS microscope camera for fast, low light live cell imaging.  

Download Axiocam 702 monochrome PDF

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