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Axiocam 305 Monochrome

New For 2019!  Super fast, high dynamic range, increased resolution - your affordable camera for routine fluorescence documentation

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An amazing camera for documentation of routine fluorescence or any application requiring a high quality monochrome camera.  

The Axiocam 305 utilizes new quad port CMOS sensor technology to deliver substantial increases in speed, sensitivity, resolution, dynamic range and signal/noise ratio.  You'll enjoy a full resolution 5.0 megapixel image at 36 frames/second or choose a full HD image at a stunning 67 frames/sec.  Dynamic range is increased by a factor of 10 for better performance with dim samples.  

An all around excellent camera for for documenting fluorescence images or videos on any microscope at an affordable price point.    

•Sony IMX264 Exmor Pregius CMOS sensor,  2464 x 2056 = 5.07 Megapixels

•3.45 um pixels in 2/3" sensor format (0.63x c mount adapter recommended)

•36 frame per second live preview at full resolution

•12 bit digitization

•USB 3.0 interface

•Dynamic Range > 4800:1

•Full Well Capacity: 10,500 e-

•Readout nosie: 2.2 e-

•Dark current: < 1.0 e/p/s at 25C

•Temperature stable @ 25C

•C-mount interface

•Zeiss part number: 426560-9040

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