TitleCategoryRun TimeDescription
AxioVision Time StampImaging3.45

This video demonstrates how to add a time stamp to each image in an AxioVision time series. Also how add this functionality to your toolbar for ease of use.

Installing Zeiss PrimoVertMicroscopy5:27

How to install the Zeiss PrimoVert microscope with Axiocam out of the box

X-Cite lamp changeMicroscopy1:47

How to change the lamp on your X-Cite 120 fluorescence illuminator

Fluorescence Filter Installation
into Zeiss AxioScope A1

How to install fluorescence filters into the Zeiss AxioScope A1

Installing PowerShot camera
onto microscope with Zeiss adapter

How to install and use the Canon Powershot camera on your microscope using a Zeiss adaper.

Installing Zeiss Axiolab w/ PhaseMicroscopy4:51How to install and align a Zeiss Axiolab phase contrast microscope
Olympus BX Microscope Condenser ChangeMicroscopy1:07How to change the condenser on your Olympus BX microscope.
Switching camera mounts on Olympus IX inverted microscopeMicroscopy1:24How to change the camera adapter on your Olympus IX inverted microscope
Tutorial – Setting Koehler IlluminationMicroscopy2:47Animated tutorial demonstration the procedure for setting proper Koehler illumination (aligning the condenser) on an upright microscope.

Zeiss Apotome Product Trailer


View the product trailer for Zeiss' Apotome optical sectioning device for 3D fluorescence microscopy