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Life Science

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Primo Star Student Microscope Picture
Primo Star

Robust, user friendly and affordable:  the right microscope for education.  

Download PrimoStar PDF

PrimoStar User Manual

AxioLab A1 Upright Microscope Photo
AxioLab A1

Your cost effective routine microscope with certified ergonomics and maximum performance.  

Download AxioLab A1 PDF

Axiolab A1 User Manual

AxioScope A1 Upright Microscope Photo
AxioScope A1

Your modular upright microscope for research, advanced routine and pathology.  

Download AxioScope A1 PDF

AxioScope A1 User Manual

AxioImager Upright Microscope Photo
AxioImager 2

Your upright research microscope platform for the most demanding experiments.  

Download AxioImager 2 PDF

AxioImager2 User Manual

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