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Axiocam Erc5 color camera image
Axiocam Erc5

Your flexible 5 megapixel color microscope camera with a variety of interfaces.  


Download Axiocam Erc5 PDF

Airyscan Super Resolution Photo

The Airyscan detector couples to LSM confocal microscopes to deliver significant improvements in sensitivity and signal to noise ratio as well as a 1.7x resolution increase in x,y and z.  

Airyscan White Paper

Basic Airyscan Principle

Airyscan Detector Details

Apotome.2 Photo

Optical sectioning using structured illumination for brilliantly resolved 2D or 3D fluorescence images free from stray light - now includes Apotome deconvolution algorithm to further improve your image stacks.  

Download Apotome.2 PDF

Watch Apotome.2 Product Trailer

Axiocam 305 camera image
Axiocam 305 Color

Super fast, high dynamic range, affordable color camera suitable for almost all applications in both research and routine

Download Axiocam 305 PDF

Axiocam 305 monochrome image
Axiocam 305 Monochrome

New For 2019!  Super fast, high dynamic range, increased resolution - your affordable camera for routine fluorescence documentation

Download Axiocam 305m PDF

AxioScan Z1 Photo
AxioScan Z1

Your fast and reliable slide scanner for brightfield and fluorescence.  

Download AxioScan Z1 PDF

Slide Scanning Presentation PDF

Axiovert A1 MAT Photo
AxioVert A1 MAT

Your routine inverted microscope for materials science.  

Download AxioVert A1 MAT PDF

AxioVert A1 User Manual

AxioZoom V16 Bio Photo
AxioZoom V16 Bio

Combining the resolution of a compound microscope with the zoom and working distance of a stereo scope for brilliant fluorescence over large fields of view. 

Download AxioZoom V16 Bio PDF

Watch AxioZoom V16 Bio Video


AxioZoom V16 MAT Photo
AxioZoom V16 MAT

Combining the resolution of a compound microscope with the zoom and working distance of a stereo scope for the highest resolution image of large objects or fields of view.  

Download AxioZoom V16 MAT PDF

Watch AxioZoom V16 MAT Video

HT-B8309 Bulb Photo

12V 100W Halogen

All models with Halogen 100 lamp







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