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AxioLab A1

Your cost effective routine microscope with certified ergonomics and maximum performance.  

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Axiolab A1 User Manual


Certified ergonomics. Cost-efficiency. Maximum performance.

Your routine work requires long hours on your microscope.
The TÜV - certified ergonomics of your Axio Lab.A1 keep you relaxed even at the end of a long day.


Choose from a wide range of ergotubes and ergophototubes: evaluate stained histological sections, blood smear or immunofluorescent samples in the most favorable viewing position.


All the main controls are accessible with one hand, including the stage drive, fine focus and brightness control.

  • TÜV certified ergonomics for maximum comfort and relaxed working conditions
  • All controls are ergonomically positioned and encased in soft-touch material
  • 5 position inward facing M27 objective nosepiece 
  • Carl Zeiss ICS2 optical quality for reliable results in cytology and immunofluorescence
  • Brightfield, phase contrast, polarization, darkfield and optionally LED fluorescence (2 color)
  • Multi-discussion system for training and teamwork
  • Transmitted light illumination with a choice of HAL 35 W, daylight LED or warmlight LED

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