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Axiocam 503 Monochrome

The revolutionary new camera from Carl Zeiss for fluorescence imaging as you've never experienced before.     


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With the Axiocam 503 monochrome, you have camera with a combination of resolution, speed, sensitivity and dynamic range that was never before possible.   You enjoy the advantages of a high quality live image as well as extreme sensitivity for low light and live cell imaging.  It's high sensitivity enables the use of short exposure times even with weak fluorescent markers.  You have the advantage of a dynamic range of 1:2500 that guarantees brilliant, lossless images with the finest intensity differentiation and resolution of even the smallest details.  The Peltier cooled CCD guarantees low noise and reproducible data for quantifiable images under even the most difficult conditions.  

•High-end quad port CCD sensor technology for optimum performance

•Sony ICX674 EXview HAD CCDII @ 1936 x 1460 resolution

•4.54um pixels in 2/3” sensor format

•USB 3.0 interface technology w/ fast 5-gigabits/sec data transfer

•14 bit digitization and dynamic range of 1:2500 for precise reproduction of the finest color nuances

•Full resolution live image at 38 frames/sec.  Speeds up to 93 frames/sec. 

•Peltier cooled, quad-port readout CCD

•Spectral sensitivity to 1000nm for IR/NIR 

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