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HT-B8126 Photo

6V 30W Halogen

Eclipse E200, E400

Eclipse E50i

TS100, 100F

Ti Inverted (30W illuminator)



SMZ Stands (DIA, OCC, BD)

SMZ-U (DIA Base)


HT-B8126 Photo

6V 30W Halogen

BX (40,41,43,45,46) 

CX (30,31,40,41) 

CKX (31,41)

IX (50,51) 

CK (30,40) 





HT-B8126Z Bulb Photo

6V 30W Halogen

Primo Star

Primo Vert

HT-B8352 lamp photo

KL 1500, CL 1500

Olympus ILK-4

Volpi 150H, Intralux Dual 5000

Bosworth Superlight

Kulzer Translux (EC, 11, II)

Scholly 150H

LSM 880 Confocal Microscope Picture
LSM 880

Revolutionize your confocal imaging by entering a new world of performance and capability - also coupled with Airyscan super resolution.  

Download LSM 880 PDF

Airyscan White Paper

Matscope App Photo

Matscope is your iPad app for materials science - from simple image acquisition to measurements and automated materials analysis - all wireless and in real time.  

Download Matscope PDF

Primotech Pol Microscope Photo
Primotech Pol

Your entry level polarized light microscope for orthoscopy or conoscopy. 

Download Primotech PDF

Primotech User Manual.pdf

Zen2 Core Photo
Zen2 Core

Zen2 Core combines maximum flexibility with minimum complexity in a single piece of software to deliver a time saving, efficient workflow.  Designed for materials science applications in all areas of industry.  

Download Zen2 Core PDF

Zen2 Core Quick Start Guide

Download Zen2 Core Software Program

Download Latest Zen2 Core Hotfix

Axiocam 506 monochrome image
Axiocam 506 monochrome

Your high resolution camera for fluorescence imaging - flexible and sensitive.  

Download Axiocam 506m PDF

Axiolab A1 Mat Photo
Axiolab A1 MAT

Your routine reflected light microscope for materials analysis. 

Download Axiolab MAT PDF

Axiolab User Manual

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