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Axiolab A1 MAT

Your routine reflected light microscope for materials analysis. 

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Reliable Microstructure and Material Defect Analysis – in Comfortable Conditions

Choose the best configuration for your application from three stand versions of Axio Lab.A1: Reflected light illumination and/or transmitted light illumination; Axio Lab.A1 for orthoscopy, Axio Lab.A1 for conoscopy.

With Axio Lab.A1, you are equipped for a broad range of applications with high sample throughput in metallography. When examining structures, you analyze the grain size and microstructure of metals or capture information about the mechanisms that has led to a material defect, such as fatigue, corrosion, stress cracks and fractures.  Document your results with a broad range of 1.3 to 12 megapixel digital cameras.

Polarization contrast lets you characterize hair, earth and fiber microstructure in forensic examinations of criminological samples. You analyze lacquer and paint chips using brightfield, fluorescence and polarization microscopy. If you work as a geologist, you examine rock sections and mineral samples, for example, for oil production. In environmental protection, you identify the microstructure of materials such as asbestos fibers.

•Stand - upright microscope AxioLab A1 w/ integrated reflected light illumination

•Illumination - 12V 50W reflector lamp, or 3x2W LED cool white or warm white

•Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarized Light, DIC

•4 position reflector turret for push & click modules

•Mechanical stage 75x30 mm w/ hardcoat surface 

•5 position HD nosepiece

Flexible interface for addition of various cameras


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