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Stemi 305 Stereo Microscope Photo
Stemi 305

Your compact stereo microscope with integrated illumination and documentation.  

Download Stemi 305 PDF

Stemi 305 User Manual

Zeiss 1.0x C Mount 426114 Image
Zeiss 1.0x C Mount Camera Adapter "60N"

AxioImager, AxioScope A1, AxioLab A1

AxioObserver, AxioVert A1

Stereo Discovery V8/V12/V20, Stemi 508, AxioZoom, Lumar


Zeiss Immersol 518F Image
Zeiss Immersion Oil 518F

Immersol 518F 20mL

Auto Fluorescence Free

zeiss plan 1.25x objective image
Zeiss Plan 1.25x Objective

All 160mm Tube Length Microscopes

Photomicroscope, Universal, Standard, Ultraphot

IM Series, IDO3

Zen2 Blue Image
Zen2 Blue

Zen2 Blue is your powerful yet simple digital imaging software solution for for all applications in light microscopy - from routine to research.  

Download Zen2 PDF

Watch Zen Product Trailer

ZEN 2 User Manual

Download Zen2 Lite Software Program

Download Latest Zen2 Hotfix

AxioObserver Materials Microscope Photo
AxioObserver MAT

Your inverted microscope system for metallography and materials research.  

Download AxioObserver MAT PDF

AxioObserver MAT User Manual

PALM Super Resolution Photo

Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM) uses photo-switchable fluorescent molecules to achieve resolutions in the range of 20 nm laterally and 50 nm axially.  

Download ELYRA PDF

HT-B8126 Photo

6V 30W Halogen

Eclipse E200, E400

Eclipse E50i

TS100, 100F

Ti Inverted (30W illuminator)



SMZ Stands (DIA, OCC, BD)

SMZ-U (DIA Base)


HT-B8126 Photo

6V 30W Halogen

BX (40,41,43,45,46) 

CX (30,31,40,41) 

CKX (31,41)

IX (50,51) 

CK (30,40) 





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