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AxioObserver MAT

AxioObserver MAT

Your inverted microscope system for metallography and materials research.  

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AxioObserver MAT User Manual

Your Inverted Microscope for Investigation, Development and Analysis of Materials

Take advantage of the inverted construction of Axio Observer to investigate metallography samples in no time at all. There's no need to refocus, even when changing magnification or switching metallurgical samples.

Axio Observer combines the proven quality of ZEISS optics with automated components. Profit from reliability and reproducibility.

Using dedicated software modules you can analyze, for example, non-metallic inclusions and grain sizes. 
Axio Observer is your open imaging platform: invest in only the features you need today. As requirements change, a simple upgrade keeps your system ready for all materials applications.

Choose Between Three Different Stands
Axio Observer comes with three different stands. Choose between different levels of automation and motorization:

Axio Observer 3 materials

With an encoded nosepiece, lightmanager, CAN and USB interface that enables a read-out of the magnification.

Axio Observer 5 materials

Nearly all components can be read out or even motorized.

Axio Observer 7 materials

With motorized z-focus, Automatic Component Recognition that will always recognize the settings for objectives and filtersets you have chosen, touchscreen display and if desired a remote control.

A Choice of Contrasting Techniques

  • Enjoy maximum homogeneity and a stray light free image background in brightfield and darkfield - disturbing stray light is minimized and color aberration is reduced.
  • Investigate your samples with polarization contrast - using fixed analyzers, a measuring analyzer rotating through 360° and a rotating analyzer with rotating full-wave plate. Visualize bireflection and pleochroism on anisotropic samples even if no rotary stage is available.
  • Take advantage of Circular Differential Interference Contrast (C-DIC), a polarization-optical technique which uses circularly polarized light.