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Primotech Pol

Your entry level polarized light microscope for orthoscopy or conoscopy. 

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ZEISS Primotech D/A POL Offers:
Equipped with a pre-centered circular rotating stage, 5 position centerable encoded nosepiece turret, polarization optical components in aligned optical pathway, you can investigate birefringent materials under brightfield and crossed polarization contrasts in either transmitted or reflected


ZEISS Primotech D/POL Offers:
With a conoscopic intermediate part, inserting or removing a focusable Bertrand lens from optical path, you can change over between orthoscopic and conoscopic observation. With a standardized DIN compensator slot, you can opt for compensators for quantitative measurements.

•Pre centered circular rotating stage w/ 5 position centerable encoded nosepiece

•Contrast methods - brightfield, oblique, polarization

•Illumination - 3W white light LED, 5000k

•Optional binocular tube, 3MP or 5MP streaming camera

•Strain free "pol" optical components

•Zeiss ICS2 optics, RMS thread mount

•Matscope iPad app with free, basic and advanced modules for varying performance and analysis features

•ESD stage option

•Stand alone operation possible with image capture to SD card

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