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AxioScope A1 Pol

Your modular polarized light microscope for research and routine.  

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This multi-talented stand from Carl Zeiss in the version specifically for polarized light imaging: The configuration of your Axio Scope.A1 polarized light microscope can be optimized for a diverse range of applications.
The polarization units have been expressly designed for polarization microscopy and open up a variety of possibilities.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible configurations tailored to your requirements
  • Straightforward upgrading
  • 6 position nosepiece focus

•6 manual stand models available as transmitted, reflected or transmitted + reflected light

•Illumination - 100W halogen, Daylight LED, 50W halogen

•A-Plan, N-Achroplan or EC Plan Neofluar strain free ICS2 pol objectives

•6 position manual centerable nosepiece

•2, 4 or 6 position reflector turret

•Transmitted light - qualitative and quantitative polarizing techniques, orthoscopy, linear and circular polarization, conoscopy, brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, DIC, PlasDIC

•Reflected light - qualitative and quantitative polarization, brightfield, darkfield, DIC, circular DIC, fluorescence

•Variety of fixed or rotatable polarizers and compensators

•Fixed or focusable Bertrand lens for conoscopic image observation  

•Universal photo port for addition of a variety of camera systems

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