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Axiolab A1 Pol

Your high performance routine polarized light microscope.  

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Axiolab A1 User Manual


All Purpose Polarization

Axio Lab.A1 constitutes an all-purpose polarization microscope for applications in geology, mineralogy and the exploration of fossil fuel resources.


Axio Lab.A1 provides answers to questions relating to refractive indices, cleavages, double refraction, extinction angles, optical path differences and the number and angle of optical axes.


Extend your application range with measuring compensators. Choose between fixed and rotatable compensators to visualize large and small path differences and determine the relative optical character of fibrous substances. Measure cleavages and extinction angles with the 360° rotary stage.


The conoscopy stand features a logically coupled analyzer and Bertrand lens. Swing the Bertrand lens into the beam path and the analyzer swings into the beam path as well.

•360 degree circular rotating pol stage

•4 position centerable pol nosepiece

•Strain free optical system w/ Zeiss ICS2 pol optics

•12V 35W halogen reflector lamp, optional 3x2W LED cool white or warm white

•Range of fixed and rotatable compensators

•Optional Coaxial State Right w/ Vernier

•Optional Bertrand lens for conoscopic image observation

•Universal camera interface to accept a variety of camera systems

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