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Stereo Discovery V8

Brilliant entry into the sophisticated class of modular stereo microscopes; with manual 8x zoom.  

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SteREO Discovery V8:  Enhanced Viewing

New high performance optics - this is the outstanding performance feature that Carl Zeiss has focused on with the development of its latest entry level model in the sophisticated stereomicroscope class.  The SteREO Discovery V8 impresses with enhanced resolution, increased contrast and, most notably, a perceptibly improved 3D stereoscopic impression.  As a result, it offers an image brilliance that is without equal in this class of instrument.  For a visible increase in information in all biomedical and industrial applications, the time has come for a new view of things.  

Today, anyone developing a stereomicroscope that sets new standards with its optical system has to work constructively at the very limits of physical feasibility, taking full advantage of every new possibility offered by state of the art optical design.  The innovative design process during optical modeling has resulted in a standardized optical concept for all SteREO microscopes - significantly improved resolution and a perceptibly better stereoscopic impression.  Another area we focused on was the systemic minimization of stray light for the entire optical system resulting in exceptionally brilliant contrast and a new image quality with greater information content.  

•Apochromatic optics throughout for the most highly resolved, crisp images

•8:1 high numerical aperture zoom with 10x - 80x standard magnification range with 10x eyepieces 

•CMO (common main objective) flexible optical design with accessible infinity space for modular component addition 

•Accessible magnification range 3x - 700x with optional front optics 0.3x, 0.4x, 0.63x, 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.3x, 3.5x or 16x, 25x eyepieces 

•Free working distance variable by objective 253mm - 10mm

•Widefield eyepieces 10x/23 (standard) or 16x/16, 25x/10 

•Maximum resolution = 1.0um

•10 position zoom click stop (1x, 1.25x, 1.6x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.2x, 4x, 5x, 6.3x, 8x)  

•Modular base, stand and illumination configurations

•Parfocal zoom optics over entire range - low distortion crisp in contrast, apochromatic

•Optional fluorescence illuminator - LED, Metal Halide, HBO 

•Optional polarized light for transmitted or reflected illumination  

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