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Zeiss 0.5x C Mount Camera Adapter "60N"

AxioImager, AxioScope A1, AxioLab A1

AxioObserver, AxioVert A1

Stereo Discovery V8/V12/V20, Stemi 508, AxioZoom, Lumar


This 0.5x camera adapter will connect your c-mount digital camera to the phototube of compatible Zeiss microscopes (see list in description).   The "60N" mount is compatible with all current Zeiss Axio series and stereo microscopes.  Highly corrected and high transmission for optimum image quality.  It is ideally suited for cameras with 1/2" or smaller sensors.  Item is in like new condition.  

All of our used parts are thoroughly cleaned, refurbished and tested by our knowledgeable staff and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We offer no questions asked returns for 7 days after receipt (less cost of shipping).  All used items carry a 90 day warranty against defects which will be honored with a full refund or replacement with like item.  If you have any questions or would like additional photogrpahs, please email us at  If you do not see the item you are looking for please email us as many times we have inventory we have not yet listed online. 

  • Zeiss p/n 426112
  • 0.5x magnification factor
  • c mount threads
  • "60N" Zeiss mount compatible with all current Axio and Stereo line instruments
  • Screw on thread design
  • Non-Focusing

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