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Primo Vert is your workhorse tissue culture microscope for all laboratories from education to research.  

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Primovert is designed for your cell culture – a compact microscope that combines efficiency and optical performance.  Examine unstained cells in phase contrast and GFP-labeled cells in fluorescence contrast quickly and efficiently. The inverted microscope is especially perfect for cancer and genetic research.

With Primovert HDcam and the iPad imaging App Labscope you observe and discuss cells independently from the sterile workplace together with your colleagues.

•3 Models - PrimoVert, PrimoVert iLED-FL, PrimoVert HD Cam

•Transmitted Light Brightfield or Phase Contrast  using White Light LED or Halogen Lamp 6V 30W

•Fluorescence Contrast - Blue LED peak 470nm

•4 position manual nosepiece

•Widefield Eyepieces WF 10x/20 Br. Foc.  

•Optional Coaxial State Right w/ Vernier

•Optional Ergo Tilt Head adjustable 48 to 75mm

•PrimoVert HD Cam - 5MP CMOS camera w/ tiltable iPad mount.  HDMI/USB/Ethernet/SD Card

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