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Your inverted research microscope platform for the most demanding experiments.  

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Your research platform for imaging in cell biology.  Gain accurate and reliable knowledge about living cells with your Axio Observer. According to the cell biology experiments you run, choose the degree of motorization and automation out of 3 different stands. Simply stay focused on your scientific experiments.

Combine your Axio Observer with high end fluorescence imaging systems: Cell Observer SD, ApoTome.2, LSM 710 and all other laser scanning systems from Carl Zeiss. The brilliant optics and fluorescence optimized beampath make Axio Observer the only base for Laser TIRF 3 and the ELYRA superresolution systems.

Create the perfect environment for your live cell experiments with the software controlled incubation modules. Regulate temperature, CO2 and oxygen concentration.

Clever Solutions for Advanced Imaging

  • Use Axio Observer as the platform for: LSM 700, LSM 710, LSM 780, LSM 710 NLO, LSM 780 NLO, LSM 710 ConfoCor 3, ELYRA P.1, ELYRA S.1, ELYRA PS.1, Cell Oberserver, Cell Observer HS, Cell Observer SD, ApoTome.2, VivaTome, Laser TIRF 3, PALM MicroBeam, PALM MicroTweezers, PALM Combisystem
  • Choose your fluorescence illumination from a large number of available light sources
  • Configure your Axio Observer.Z1 with one of two different reflected light beampaths: either fully apochromatically corrected for optical sectioning techniques or highest UV transmission for your demanding physiology or cell biology experiments
  • Long term timelapse experiments are challenging due to changing environmental conditions in your lab: DefiniteFocus monitors and reliably compensates focus drifts with a closed loop system
  • Contrast manager and light manager ensure defined conditions and reproducible results at all times. Use ACR to atuomatically detect and configure objectives and filtersets for Axio Observer.Z1

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