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Nightsea Add Additional Color - GFP, FITC, AF488, Calcein, Lucifer Yellow

Adds a second or third color onto existing system

Includes LED light head + emission filter

Changes in seconds


The Nightsea stereo fluorescence adapter is ideal for screening, sorting, dissection, forensics, education, QA/QC and more.  It can be added to almost any stereo dissecting microscope in your lab and gives you immediate fluorescence capability to relieve the burden, cost and hassle of having to use a dedicated high end stereo fluorescence microscope each time.  Turns on/off instantly with no warm up or cool down.  

Nightsea is fast becoming a standard tool in Zebrafish, Drosophila, C. elegans,  Xenopus and Axolotl labs.  It allows students in the educational lab to experience fluorescence on live organisms directly in the classroom.  It is revolutionizing forensic, marine biology and industrial labs by giving them access to fluorescence contrast on their routine stereo microscopes.  

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Application Note 1 - Using routine fluorescence for sorting/University of Alabama

Application Note 2 - Nightsea in the educational lab - case studies

Application Note 3 - Pre-screen prior to high resolution imaging to save time and money

Nightsea Flyer.pdf

  • Excitation: 440 - 460nm
  • Emission: 500nm long pass or 500-560nm bandpass - we will contact you via email to specify immediately upon receipt of order
  • GFP, eFFP, FITC, AF488, Calcein, Lucifer Yellow + others
  • Compatible with virtually any existing stereo microscope - all makes, models and sizes
  • No disassembly or modification of the microscope is required
  • Does not interfere with the normal white-light use of the microscope
  • Sets up in under a minute and can be moved from one microscope to another
  • 6 excitation/emission wavelength combinations available, plus white light head
  • Instant on/off - no warm up or cool down
  • Rugged and simple to operate, stands up to student use 
  • Compatible with 120/240V for US and International 
  • Made in USA

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