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Liguid Light Guide (LLG) f/ X-Cite Illuminators

Liquid light guide f/ X-Cite illuminators.  For maximum signal replace every 2-3 years, 4000 hours or 2 lamp changes.  


When should light guides be replaced?

  • Illumination is low and replacing the lamp does not improve brightness
  • Dark or uneven areas become visible in the field of view
  • A section of the light guide becomes noticeably warmer than the rest of the guide
  • It is 2-3 years old or has been in use 4000+ hours or 2 lamp changes

Liquid light guides are universally exposed to UV light which causes slow degradation in transmission properties.  It is always a good idea to check your light guide if you notice a lower signal than normal.

  • Lumen p/n 805-00038
  • 1500mm length
  • 3mm core diameter
  • Compatible with all X-Cite series illuminators

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