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Zeiss microLED 2 Illuminator

Zeiss microLED 2 Illuminator

Direct HAL 100 Replacement:
AxioImager, AxioObserver, AxioExaminer AxioScope A1, Axiovert A1

HAL 100 Replcement requiring external power supply:
All other Axio series microscopes 

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The microLED2 is a universal LED replacement for HAL (halogen) 100 lamps.  It can be directly replaced and run on existing power with AxioImager, AxioObserver, AxioExaminer, AxioScope A1 and AxioVert A1.  For all older stands it needs to run by the external power supply 432610-9060 which you can find here.  

The microLED 2 is bright enough for all contrasting techniques including darkfield, DIC or polarized light.  It maintains a constant daylight white color temperature of 5700K so you do not need to adjust the camera's white balance like with halogen lamps.  Like new condition. 

Never change a lamp or struggle with changing color temperature again - upgrade your microscope to LED!

Please note that in fluorescence microscopy, LED lamps connected to the transmitted light port will exhibit autofluorescence (particularly with GFP) if you do not have a shutter or means to block the fluorescence light from striking the transmitted lamp.  This can be done with a shutter, filter slider, closing the aperture, or placing a cover over the light window.  MicroLED 2 is only recommended for use as a transmitted light lamp on a fluorescence microscope if you are able to block the excitation light by one of the above methods.  

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  • Zeiss # 423053-9072
  • Color Temerature - 5700K
  • Average Lifetime - 60,000 hours
  • Usable with objectives from 2.5x - 100x
  • Three prong plug