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Zeiss Cy5 Fluorescence Filter Cube

Zeiss Cy5 Fluorescence Filter Cube

All Axio Series w/ P&C Filter Cubes

AxioObserver, Axiovert 200, Axiovert A1, Axiovert 40

AxioImager, AxioScope A1, AxioLab A1, AxioSkop 40

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This Cy5 filter set mounted in a Zeiss P&C filter cube is compatible with all current and recent Axio series microscopes.  Chroma ET series filters provide the highest transmission and steepest cut offs and include a lifetime warranty against wear.  Compatible with all standard white light sources, Cy5 is the preferred label to add a fourth color to your multichannel experiment or to use in place of Cy3/mCherry type red dyes if you have bleed through or autofluorescence issues.  It is highly recommended to use a monochrome camera to visualize Cy5 - both color cameras and the human eye have poor sensitivity in the far red/near-IR where Cy5 emits.  This set has never been used and is in like new condition.    


  • Chroma 49006 set in Zeiss cube
  • Excitation: ET 620/60x
  • Dichroic: T660lpxr
  • Emission: ET 700/75m