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Tru Block Microscope Eyeshields

Specially designed eyeshields with attach to your eyepieces and block out ambient light to increase the contrast and sensitivity of your fluorescence signal.  Useful on any fluorescence microscope.  Particularly useful in combination with the Nightsea stereo fluorescence system.  


What is the benefit?

  • You can see things under the microscope better when there is less interference and distraction from light entering your peripheral vision
  • You can observe fluorescence even in lit environments

How do you use the eye shields?

To attach, just stretch the rubber ring over the end of the eyepiece.  They can be used with or without existing rubber eyecups.  If you want them out of the way you can just fold them down to the sides.  

Available in 2 sizes - you will be contacted after checkout to confirm your size or microscope model

  • Standard - fits 36-45mm (1.45 - 1.75")
  • Compact - first 28-37mm (1.10 - 1.46")
  • Rubber, light blocking eye shield for fluorescence microscopy
  • Attach to virtually any microscope eyepiece
  • Fit with or without existing rubber eyecup
  • Standard or Compact size
  • Foldable to move shield out of the way

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