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Stemi 305

Your compact stereo microscope with integrated illumination and documentation.  

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Stemi 305 is your new all-in-one stereo microscope with 5:1 zoom - unbelievable quality at and unbeatable price point.  Take advantage of extra long working distances as well as a newly developed LED vertical illuminator that comes standard on all models.  Observe your samples as they are: three-dimensional and crisp in contrast - no preparation required. Profit from this easy-to-use microscope, where everything is integrated: long-living LED illumination for reflected and transmitted light and documentation, too. Choose between the conventional phototube to have access to all ZEISS microscope cameras or the integrated 1.2 Megapixel Wifi camera to connect wirelessly to your iPad or WLAN network.  

The Stemi 305 delivers an unbeatable value in all areas of life and materials science including the student, quality control, R&D, forensics, entomology and clinical labs.  It is also affordable to the discerning hobbyist looking for a quality dissecting microscope to last for generations.  

•5:1 zoom with 8x - 40x magnification range in standard unit with 10x eyepieces 

•Accessible magnification range 4x - 200x with optional front optics 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, 2.0x or eyepieces

•Free working distance = 110mm standard (up to 185mm with 0.5x front optic)

•Widefield eyepieces 10x/23 (standard) or 16x/16, 25x/10

•Maximum resolution = 2.5um

•5 position zoom click stop (0.8x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x)  

•Integrated power supply and controller for LED illuminators - single spot, double spot, segmentable ringlight, vertical or transmitted light

•Parfocal zoom optics over entire range - low distortion crisp in contrast

•3 Stemi 305 versions - Binocular, Trinocular (fixed 50/50 photo port), CAM (integrated 1.2MP WiFi camera)

•4 stands/bases - EDU (transmitted brightfield/darkfield), LAB (transmitted relief w/ tilt mirror), MAT (reflected light ESD base), Boom Stand

•Optional polarized light for transmitted or reflected illumination  

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