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Primo Star

Robust, user friendly and affordable:  the right microscope for education.  

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Primo Star is your classroom microscope - designed with long-term use and extreme durability in mind. With the integrated streaming camera Primo Star HD in conjunction with the iPad App Labscope from ZEISS, you can connect several microscopes in your classroom to a network or create a digital classroom projector.  Doing so makes teaching easy and will help your students learn quickly and effortlessly.

With Primo Star you enjoy the fun way to examine specimens under a microscope.

Successful Teaching and Enthralled Students

  • Easy to use: Primo Star as a Fixed-Köhler version with the Plan-ACHROMAT 100x/0.8 dry objective.
  • Keep an eye on the microscopes in the room: Primo Star shows the intensity of illumination on both sides of the stand.
The Digital Classroom
  • Use Primo Star and the tube with the integrated HD streaming camera in connection with the iPad App Labscope to connect all microscopes of your classroom.
  • Connect the microscopes to HD monitors or projectors.
  • Share images and videos directly with all students.
Clever Details for More Freedom
  • Choose between 30 W halogen or energy saving LED illumination.
  • In areas with fluctuating or no electricity you profit from the battery supply unit.
  • Upgrade Primo Star with the fluorescence tube to get a LED fluorescence microscope.

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