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AxioImager 2 Pol

Your intelligent polarizing microscope for the most demanding research.  

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Straightforward Procedures, Reliable Operation

You are looking for a microscope that performs complex tasks reliably, produces results of impressive quality and is easy to use? In that case, the intelligent Axio Imager for Polarized Light Microscopy is the right choice for you.

Various stands are available

Choose from the coded, partly motorized or fully motorized version and adapt your microscope to your individual requirements.

Reliable long-term imaging thanks to vibration-free design

For time dependent measurements and high magnifications you can depend on the stability of Axio Imager. Nosepiece turret, z-guide and stage carrier have been designed as a compact, vibration-free unit, isolated from the rest of the stand. This "stable cell" creates ideal measurement conditions for superb results.

Comfortable operation due to extensive functionality

  • Simplify complex procedures. Control of all motorized components is at your fingertips, by using the touchscreen at the stand or at the Docking Station.
  • Save individual settings and retrieve them effortlessly at the push of a button. Operate the focus drive intuitively – thanks to ergonomically arranged control buttons with tactile surfaces.
  • Alternatively operate the polarized light microscopy system via the freely positionable control panel, completely detached from the stand. The contrast- and light manager automatically selects the optimum settings in order to generate reproducible and reliable results.

Fast and reliable crystal analysis with polarized light microscopy

Capture orthoscopic and conoscopic image information simultaneously with Polarized Light Microscopy. With the specially designed Pol phototube, object, cross hairs and iris diaphragm are visible at the same time, thanks to an additional intermediate image plane. Thanks to the adjustable iris diaphragm this is also true for the limits of the conoscopic range down to a minimum crystal size of 10 µm. The pre-centered Bertrand optics are straightforward to turn on and off. This allows you to switch between techniques fast – even while capturing images or using a video device.

Consistent measurement performance

  • Straightforward measurements usingthe rotary, ball bearing mounted stage with 360° scale and 0.1° vernier (e.g. for measuring cleavage angles in minerals)
  • Determination of optical path differences or strain measurements
A wide spectrum of compensators is available, covering the measuring range from 0 to 30 λ.

Compensators with fixed path difference

  • Full -wave plate λ
  • Quarter-wave plate λ / 4
  • Full-wave plate λ, rotable +/- 8°
Compensators with variable path difference
  • Wedge compensator 0-4 λ
  • Measuring compensators
    - Berek tilting compensator 0-5 λ
    - Berek tilting compensator 0-30 λ
Axio Imager is open to many more methods as for example:
  • Thermomicroscopy
  • Digital analyses with Zeiss AxioVision software (e.g., with Grain Size Analysis or Particle Analyzer)

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